Whitebiotech, biotechnology for industries

Your Saving: Our Commitment

Biotechnological Services that make cost efficiency and industrial sustainability real

Whitebiotech is a newly created company that works exclusively for the industrial sector and focuses mainly in what is known as White Biotechnology, i.e. the conversion of traditional production processes into efficient, innovative and less environment harming processes, thanks to the application of biotechnology to industrial processes.

Whitebiotech seeks to be an international biotechnology service provision company that helps clients to improve the efficacy and profitability of their production processes by making them take the final step towards bio-economy and industrial sustainability.

To sum up, Whitebiotech aims to be an indispensable companion along the trip towards improved productive processes.


Our Values

  • Reliability. Your saving: our commitment.
  • Industrial Sustainability. Your company´s financial success is compatible with the respect for the environment.
  • Biotechnology. Biotechnology is not a future promise. It’s here already and it’s here to say.
  • Bioeconomy. An efficient management of natural and economic resources is possible.
  • Agility. You can move and use your resources easily and smoothly.
  • Collaboration. We are open to working with other organizations in new projects and service provisions.