Whitebiotech, biotechnology for industries

Our Methodology

“If you are looking for different results, don´t do the same thing over and over again” A. Enstein

Whitebiotech has adapted agile methodologies, based on SCRUM product development techniques, to come up with a specific methodology to deal with each of the projects it assumes, which allows for results to be felt earlier. These techniques are based on the assumption that improvements in production processes are complex and based on many different variables. Accordingly, the best way to manage improvements is by seeing production processes as black boxes, instead of as lineal processes with well defined stages.

This type of methodology is very useful when requirements change rapidly along the development process, as it constantly aims at controlling the chaos produced by conflicts of interests and needs.

Our process

After assessing production processes, Whitebiotech focuses on three potential intervention levels: raw materials, process, and waste management.

Diagram showing how to incorporate biotechnological solution into industrial processes