Whitebiotech, biotechnology for industries

Do it white. Keep it green.

Whitebiotech offers profitable and sustainable alternatives to improve traditional industrial processes

The OECD (Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development) defines biotechnology as the “the application of science and technology to living organisms, as well as parts, products and models thereof, to alter living or non-living materials for the production of knowledge, goods and services.”

Accordingly, Whitebiotech works by combining scientific and engineering knowledge to use biological agents in order to improve products and services.

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Although white (or industrial) biotechnology is not new as a concept, its revolutionary action over present-day production processes is very recent. In this sense, there are more and more natural tool groups used for industrial processes that have contributed to reducing production costs —energy or raw material related— as well as to the effective elimination of products or production-derived waste.

Whitebiotech uses biotechnology as a tool to improve traditional industrial processes, with the collaboration of technological partners with great expertise in environmental and waste water treatment areas.